Using Market Mechanisms to Manage Fisheries: Smoothing the by Bertrand Le Gallic

By Bertrand Le Gallic

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Existing literature and the updated survey of management systems indicate that IQ are used in a range of countries including Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Canada, Portugal, USA (and recvently adopted by several French PO’s) Exclusivity: By attributing a direct right to catch a given quantity of fish, IQs are expected to provide holders of the right with a strong feeling of exclusivity. Provided appropriate enforcement, any holder in principle knows what his production will be irrespective of other holders’ activities.

4. Representation of property rights characteristics exclusivity 5 4 flexibility 3 duration 2 1 Series1 0 divisibility quality of title transferability Source: OECD Secretariat 10 More fundamentally, some authors suggest that all characteristics may virtually be seen as attenuated simply because fishing activities are influenced by other potential uses that are not taken into account in the design of market-like instruments. 5. Comparing the Characteristics of Two Instruments divisibility exclusivity 5 4 3 2 1 0 flexibility duration management instrument 1 management instrument 2 quality of title transferability This example compares a given market-like instrument (management instrument 2) to one that maximises all characteristics (management instrument 1).

Transferability: By definition, individual quotas are not transferable. g. g. in Germany and Portugal). g. through the UQS and SQS systems). As a result, while the level of the characteristic may significantly differ across countries, information available from the survey suggests that the overall level of the characteristic can be considered as as relatively low to moderate (ranked 2-3 on the scale). Divisibility: As the right is attached to a given, non-tradable quantity of catch, it appears difficult to divide.

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