The Wheel of Time (Boxed Set #1) by Robert Jordan

By Robert Jordan

The attention of the World/The nice Hunt/The Dragon Rebornnclude The Dragon Reborn, the good Hunt and the attention of the area.

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Unnoticed by Rand, Moiraine had joined the listeners. Lan was at her shoulder, though he had to look twice to see the man. For a moment Thom looked at Moiraine sideways, his face and body still except for making the balls disappear into his capacious coat sleeves. Then he bowed to her, holding his cloak wide. " Ewin hissed fiercely. " Thom blinked, then bowed again, more deeply. "Your pardon again . . ah, Lady. " Moiraine made a small waving-away gesture. "None was perceived, Master Bard. And my name is simply Moiraine.

At least, Perrin will. Mat, I'm not sure of. Word must be gotten to the farms as best it can, but in another hour there won't be anyone in Emond's Field above sixteen, those who can be responsible about it, at least, who doesn't know a stranger is skulking around and likely not the sort you would invite to Festival. " Rand said. "If you had seen him you wouldn't want him closer than ten miles. " "Perhaps so," Tam said placidly. "He could be just a refugee from the troubles in Ghealdan, or more likely a thief who thinks the pickings will be easier here than in Baerlon or Taren Ferry.

Bran glared. "Burn me, but we have better things to be about than this foolishness. " With that he stumped back into the inn and slammed the door behind him. The Council members glanced at Cenn, then moved off in their separate directions. All but Haral Luhhan, who accompanied the stony-visaged thatcher, talking quietly. The blacksmith was the only one who could ever get Cenn to see reason. Rand went to meet his father, and his friends trailed after him. "I've never seen Master al'Vere so mad," was the first thing Rand said, getting him a disgusted look from Mat.

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