The New Politics of the Welfare State by Paul Pierson

By Paul Pierson

The welfare states of prosperous democracies now stand on the heart of political dialogue and social clash. In those path-breaking essays, a global staff of top analysts display that the politics of social coverage concentrate on the renegotiation, restructuring, and modernization of the post-war social agreement instead of its dismantling.

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This assumption obliterates any political contestation around welfare inside each camp. This is a crucial error, because one implication of recent work is that centralized bargaining and large welfare states are an unstable combination because of the way that greater competitive pressures in the international market create conflicts over relative wage levels inside the labour movement (Swenson 1989; Pontusson and Swenson 1996; Iversen 1996). 09, respectively. Garrett does not test whether capital flowed to countries with highly centralized bargaining during the period he studied, 1981–92.

However welfare states are not changing the same way, nor is spending shrinking everywhere (Pierson 1994). Analysts of the public sector discern four emerging models in public administration (Peters 1998). And those building on Gøsta Esping-Andersen's work, like Torben Iversen and Anne Wren, see three major types of response to the emergence of a service economy (or put differently, to the working out of Baumol's law) (Esping-Andersen 1990; Iversen and Wren 1998). Patterned responses suggest an underlying political logic.

RICK arguments link the fear or reality of market and political destruction of actors' property rights (and thus streams of income) to actors' policy preferences for the welfare state understood in its broadest possible form, as social protection, or shelter from market forces. RICK arguments recast the ‘external’ versus ‘internal’ dichotomy as a question of market forces to make a tighter case linking motive, opportunity, and method. Constable! Bring in SAM! SAM The SAM arguments share a common causal effect.

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