The Natural and Moral History of the Indies by Joseph de Acosta, Clements R. Markham (editor), Edward

By Joseph de Acosta, Clements R. Markham (editor), Edward Grimston (translator)

The courses of the Hakluyt Society (founded in 1846) made to be had edited (and occasionally translated) early bills of exploration. the 1st sequence, which ran from 1847 to 1899, contains a hundred books containing released or formerly unpublished works by way of authors from Christopher Columbus to Sir Francis Drake, and overlaying voyages to the recent international, to China and Japan, to Russia and to Africa and India. This quantity, first released in 1880, interprets the 1st targeted description of the geography and indigenous tradition of South the United States, written by means of Joseph de Acosta (1540-1600) and initially released in Spanish in 1590. Acosta was once one of many first explorers to checklist and examine the geophysical phenomena of the 'New global' and try and clarify them scientifically. quantity 1 comprises the 1st 4 books of Joseph de Acosta's paintings describing the weather, vegetation, animals and meteorological phenomena of South the USA.

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Farewell. ANALYTICAL TABLE OF CONTENTS. PAGE DEDICATION TO THE INFANTA ISABKLA- - - xix TRANSLATOR'S DEDICATION TO THE RIGHT HONOURABLE SIR ROBERT CICILL, KNIGHT xxiii To THE READER xxiv - NATURAL HISTORY. BOOK I. —Of the opinions of some authors which supposed that the Heavens did not extend to the new found hind. View of St. Chrysostom Opinions of Theodoret and Lactantius „ St. Jerome and St. —That the Heaven is round, on all parts movinr/ in his course of itself. —How the Holy Scripture tencliet/i us that the earth is in the Mi'di/mf of the world.

That the Heaven is round on all parts, mooving in his course of it self, LlB- Ir But comming to our subiect, there is no doubt but the opinion which Aristotle and the other Peripateticks held with the Stoicks (that the figure of Heaven was round, and did moove circularly in his course), is so perfectly true, as we which doe now live in Peru see it visibly. Wherin experience should be of more force then all Philosophicall demonstrations, being sufficient to proove that the Heaven is round, and comprehends and contaynes the earth within it of al parts.

282 283 283 284 . 3 285 . . the Chase. Peccaries Tapirs . . —Of Micos or Indian Monkeys. Various kinds of monkeys Tricks of nionkevs ANALYTICAL TABLE OF CONTENTS. —Of Vicunas and Tarugas of Peru. Description of Vicunas . Vicuna hunts . Wool and cloth made from it . . . —Of Pacos, Huanacos, and Sheep of Peru. U s e s of llamas a n d alpacas . L l a m a s beasts of b u r d e n . . D i s e a s e of l l a m a s . . . 289 . 290 . —Of the be-o'ir stone. Bezoar stone found in llamas, etc.

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