The Hydrocyclone by D. Bradley and P. V. Danckwerts (Auth.)

By D. Bradley and P. V. Danckwerts (Auth.)

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It is consequently of value at this juncture to review the operational characteristics of a hydrocyclone to indicate where and when it is effective in competition with other equipment. It is equally important to know where it is ineffective. Discussion of the advantages and disadvantages which characterize the operation of the cyclone therefore follows : Taking the advantages first, they are: Simplicity and low cost Simplicity of both construction and operation cannot be disputed. The complete absence of moving parts and the ease of construction makes the AREAS OF APPLICATION AND OPERATIONAL CHARACTERISTICS 49 cyclone an attractive proposition both from the points of view of initial capital and operating costs.

1) In either of these arrangements and in both of the cases of clarification and dewatering the extent of removal of the solid from the liquid is governed by the feed size distribution, the feed slurry characteristics and the design and operating conditions of the cyclone or cyclones. All of these factors will be discussed later. 2. SEPARATION OF SOLID FROM SOLID Solids can be treated when suspended in a liquid medium to permit their separation according to differences in particle size, particle density, or particle shape.

Work was accordingly carried out applying this technique to the liquid cyclone(25) using a transparent 3 in diameter cyclone and stroboscopic measurement of the rotational speed of the sphere. This work showed that nylon threads of as small a diameter as 0-004 in were still causing the sphere to rotate at too high a velocity in the outer regions due to them passing through the high velocity inner regions. Even the measured peak velocity readings were low due possibly to friction on the spindle.

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