The Heiress by Jude Deveraux

By Jude Deveraux

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It would only make her feel worse. In her whole life, she'd never been off these grounds. She'd grown up surrounded by people who were paid (as little as possible) by her father. And the people were given bonuses for spying on his daughter and telling her father everything she did. She was a rich piece of property to him, and he was not going to lose something as valuable as her virginity to some lowly retainer. Therefore, the moment Axia seemed to grow fond of any male, he was removed. Because her friendships with females might cause her to be influenced by them, they too were removed when there was any sign of attachment.

Oh," he said flatly. "Get your clothes off and lie down. " Axia's jaw dropped nearly to her knees. Who did he think she was? " Between the darkness and all that he'd had to drink, he was having difficulty concentrating. "Y-yes," she squeaked. Better that than the girl he had raged at this morning. "Good! Then take off your clothes and light that candle. " Ah, now Axia understood. My goodness. Paying. He thought she was a — "Light the candle, I said," he barked out. " Axia snapped back, then caught herself.

I ought to show up on Gregory's doorstep pregnant. " She stopped smiling and grimaced. " Abruptly, she realized it had grown dark, and no one had come in to light her candles. She realized that this night people were showing the Maidenhall heiress that they were just as good as she was. Frowning, feeling sorry for herself, Axia got off the bed, rearranged her clothing, combed her hair, and started to leave the room. On impulse, she turned back and snatched a pretty little embroidered cap off the wooden stand on the table under the window.

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