The Evaluation of Cultural Action: An Evaluative Study of by Howard Richards

By Howard Richards

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The ladies tear up outgrown children's clothes and use the material to make new clothes, exchanging material with each other so that the children will not recognize their new clothes as made out of their siblings' old clothes - an idea that began in one PPH centre and spread to several others. I found myself more or less alone on a rainy evening, sitting on a bench in a rustic two-room wooden house in Los Parrones, while the women neglected me to devote themselves to their sewing, and the jeep and its driver left to take Anita and Maria home, intending to come back for me later.

Promise me this,' said the Reasonable Social Scientist. 'I know PPH is inspired by the philosophy of Paulo Freire. But please do a useful evaluation. Don't write an essay on the dignity of the peasantry. Don't do a whitewash. ' I do not know whether I chickened out for fear of offending someone who might have influence with the funding agencies supporting my own and my friends' work, or whether I was persuaded that human solidarity required that one deal patiently with the Reasonable Social Scientists of this world by accepting their viewpoint and then gradually moving beyond it, or whether my own thinking is not yet so advanced that I am able to reject the systems approach problematique out of hand without further examination.

Uded. El Fervor Campesino Presente coordinadores! Debemos felicitar que nos muestran el progreso que debemos apechiguar. Con amistad y cariiio exigo sigamos el camino del estudio padres e hijos. Aquf van mis preferencias con dignidad day a conocer para el campesino el progreso lleva par nombre FREDER. Sus ensenaiizas nos dan valor y alegria para vivir mejor. The Ardour of the Peasant We are present, coordinators! We must congratulate those who show us progress that we should take to heart. With friendship and affection I say we must continue on the path ofPPH studies.

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