The dialectics of creation: patterns of birth & regeneration by Michael Lieb

By Michael Lieb

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The anal and generative characteristics of the figure reinforce each other and relate ultimately to the "intestine" quality of Chaos. The vehicle concerns the forced tearing up of a hill from the promontory Pelorus and the volcanic eruption of Mt. Etna. The means of eruption are of most immediate importance. 16 The innocence of the lambs and the newborn quality of the "Yeanling Kids" foreshadow the characteristics of Adam and Eve, upon whom Satan is prepared to "gorge" himself metaphorically. Joseph H.

That is, we cannot overlook Milton's decidedly persuasive stance as an epic poet. Indeed, by stressing his "great Argument" almost immediately, Milton does not allow us to forget that he will assume the posture of one who argues in order to convince, except that now he will argue as a poet rather than as a prose writer. This means that as a poet his "adventrous Song" will transcend the realm of prose (and, in fact, of all previous poetry), that it will "soar / Above th'Aonian Mount, while it pursues / Things unattempted yet in Prose or Rime'' (I, 1316).

M. (Pittsburgh, 1967), pp. 4569; and Don M. Wolfe, "Introduction," Complete Prose Works, 1, 914916. Page 11 Milton employs a dialectic with imagery foreshadowing the sublime and degenerate antitheses culminating in Paradise Lost. The sublimity of the Reformation (compare the idea of regeneration in Paradise Lost) contrasts with the degeneracy of the prelates, who become the type of Satan himself (I, 524525). Milton resorts to a language of uncompromising vilification to characterize the Antichristian dignitaries.

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