The Chaos Crystal by Jennifer Fallon

By Jennifer Fallon

The Tide Lords have amassed in Jelidia and locate they have to locate the Chaos Crystal that introduced them to this international. it truly is came upon that Elyssa, Scard Crasii, Warlock's merciless immortal mistress is familiar with the positioning of the Chaos crystal and with each immortal looking for the crystal the stakes are excessive.

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But the truth — the bitter knowledge that his daughter had given herself to a man like Fillion Rybank for years to buy his silence, believing she was saving her father from being arrested — was almost more than he could bear to think about. Arkady worried about him now because she thought he was sick with consumption. She had no idea that his physical illness was nothing compared to how nauseous with guilt her sacrifice had made him. 'That man is the criminal,' Bary said, clenching his fists. ' 'Your wounded Crasii was an escaped slave, doctor,' Stellan reminded him.

Stellan wondered if her husband was drugging or poisoning her. Not enough to kill her, perhaps, but certainly enough to keep her out of the way of the immortals who had taken over her palace, and were well on the way to taking over her entire nation. With the queen's unexplained illness, Tryan was effectively ruling Caelum, with his mother and his sister, stepfather and stepbrothers all lined up behind him. Fortunately, the stepbrothers weren't here for this war council. Krydence and Ranee had gone south to check how far the ice extended down the lake-shore and hopefully wouldn't be back for days.

Her feet must be cramped, he guessed, and there was nowhere to rest her tail comfortably under the weight of the long fur jacket protecting her from the cold. But Jelidia was a bitter place. Even though it was summer here, and Lukys insisted it was getting warmer — a fact that seemed to be borne out by the ice breaking crashing into the ocean — it was still a bitterly cold place. So Declan insisted she wear the coat outside if she wanted to remain in their company. The feline shifted position again, undoubtedly wishing her masters would get over their fascination with the disintegrating coastline and return to the palace.

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