The Best of Robert E. Howard: Grim lands by Robert E. Howard

By Robert E. Howard

“[Behind Howard’s tales] lurks a dismal poetry and the undying fact of dreams.” –Robert Bloch“Howard’s writing turns out so hugely charged with strength that it approximately provides off sparks.”–Stephen KingThe vintage pulp magazines of the early 20th century are gone, yet their action-packed stories continue to exist in the course of the paintings of mythical storyteller Robert E. Howard. From his fecund mind's eye sprang a military of larger-than-life heroes–including the long-lasting Conan the Cimmerian, King Kull of Atlantis, Solomon Kane, and Bran Mak Morn–as good as adventures that may outline a style for generations. Now comes the second one quantity of this author’s breathtaking brief fiction, which runs the gamut from sword and sorcery, historic epic, and seafaring pirate event to two-fisted crime and intrigue, ghoulish horror, and rip-roaring western.Kull reigns perfect in “By This awl I Rule!” and “The Mirrors of Tuzan Thune”; Conan conquers in a single of his preferred exploits, “The Tower of the Elephant”; Solomon Kane battles demons deep in Africa in “Wings within the Night”; and itinerant boxer Steve Costigan places up his dukes of metal inside and out the hoop in “The Bulldog Breed.” In among, warrior kings, bold knights, sinister masterminds, grizzled frontiersmen–even Howard’s gorgeous heroine, purple Sonya–tear up the pages in tales outfitted to delight through their masterly writer. And in such epic poems as “Echoes from an Anvil,” “Black Harps within the Hills,” and “The Grim Land,” the writer blends his vintage characters and visceral imagery with a lyricism as haunting as conventional people balladry. Lavishly illustrated via Jim and Ruth Keegan, here's a Robert E. Howard assortment as necessary because it is unforgettable.“Howard had a gritty, bright style–broadsword writing that lower its strategy to the guts, with heroes who're really greater than life.”–David Gemmell“For stark, dwelling worry . . . What different author is even within the operating with Robert E. Howard?”–H. P. Lovecraft

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His voice rang sharply. “Back! ” screamed the mad minstrel, hurling himself headlong on the king. Kull delayed the blow he was loath to deliver until it was too late. Only when he felt the bite of steel in his unprotected side did he strike, in a frenzy of blind desperation. Ridondo dropped with a shattered skull and Kull reeled back against the wall, blood spurting through the fingers which gripped his wounded side. ” yelled Ascalante, preparing to lead the attack. Kull placed his back to the wall and lifted his axe.

Snarled Kull through smashed and bloody lips. Ascalante leaped as a wolf leaps – halted almost in mid-air with the unbelievable speed which characterized him, and fell prostrate to avoid the death that was hissing toward him in the form of a red axe. He frantically whirled his feet out of the way and rolled clear just as Kull recovered from his missed blow and struck again – this time the axe sank four inches into the polished wood floor close to Ascalante’s revolving legs. Another desperado rushed at this instant, followed half heartedly by his fellows.

She shook her head. ” Her eyes flared – shocked. “I! Oh sir, who am I, to hate the king? ” “I am glad,” said the man heavily. ” “Poor man,” she said, pityingly though not exactly understanding, then she flamed into wrath. “But I do hate the cruel laws which the people follow! Why should laws not change? Time never stands still! Why should people today be shackled by laws which were made for our barbarian ancestors thousands of years ago –” she stopped suddenly and looked fearfully about. “Don’t tell,” she whispered, laying her head in an appealing manner on her companion’s iron shoulder.

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