Social Integration of Migrant Workers and Other Ethnic by Matthias Herfurth

By Matthias Herfurth

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INSTITUTION: Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung Vocational Education) Fehrbelliner Platz 3 D-1000 Berlin 31 Germany, Federal Republic RESEARCHER: Schmidt-Hackenberg, Dietrich/ Hecker, Ursula DISCIPLINE Education and Training AND SUBFIELD: (Federal Institute for (Vocational Training) ABSTRACT: Analysis of the situation of foreign adolescents on the basis of a representative survey (GEWOS-Survey). Results aimed for: Report on the findings (first presentation of the central points of interest of the project) .

31-59. : Integration türkischer Gastarbeiterkinder in deutschen Kindergärten. Eine empirische Untersuchung zum Problem bikultureller Sozialisation, 163 S, 45 EDUCATION NO. 038 School Situation of Foreign Children. : 02166/40585 DISCIPLINE Education and Training AND SUBFIELD: Sociology ABSTRACT: 1. Social integration of foreign children into German classes 2. AREA: Germany, Federal Republic PROCEDURE: Group discussion (1047 and 2500 foreign and German pupils in North-Rhine Westphalia) LANGUAGE: German DURATION: Jan.

018 Comparative Study of the Acculturation Process of Americans of German and Irish Descent. : 040/821850 RESEARCHER: Doerries, Reinhard R. CULTURAL IDENTITY, ASSIMILATION 23 DISCIPLINE AND SUBFIELD: Social History ABSTRACT: A comparative approach has been chosen in order to study the social process of acculturation of two socalled minorities and of the American 'dominant culture1 or majority society. Hypothesis of mutual sociocultural change. The practical relevance of this study consists obviously in the so-called 'guest worker' problem of Western Europe.

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