Physik fuer Mediziner und Biologen by Hellenthal W.

By Hellenthal W.

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Pp. 114-303, Academic Press, New York. 14. , and Bosch, E. (2002). Influence of mobile phase acid-base equilibria on the chromatographic behavior of protolytic compounds. J. Chromatogr. A 982, 1-30. 15. , and Molnar, I. (1977). Liquid chromatography of ionogenic substances with nonpolar stationary phases. Anal. Chem. 49, 142-154. 16. , Kazakevich, Y. , and McNair, H. M. (2001). Effect of the eluent pH and acidic modifiers on the HPLC retention of basic analytes. J. Chromatogr. 913, 175-189. 17.

It follows that In(k) - a + xb (51) 34 u KAZAKEVICH 3 2 "-"1= 05 -1 0 E/uent co -2 F I G U R E 9 Retention of alkylbenzenes (benzene-octylbenzene) on Zorbax-Eclipse X D B C 18 column f r o m different compositions of acetonitrile/water eluent. Left pane retention volumes; right pane - retention factors. ) 3 0 , 20 -4 J ' ' , , 80 1O0 MeOH [v/v%] F I G U R E I 0 Retention of alkylpyridines on Luna-C 18 column f r o m methanol/water eluent. ) where a and b are constants. Expression (51) predicts the exponential dependence of the analyte retention on the eluent composition.

2. The adsorbent is rigid material impermeable to the analyte and mobile phase components. 3. Adsorbent is characterized by its specific surface area and pore volume, which are evenly distributed axially and radially in the column (this assumption is equivalent to the assumption of column homogeneity). 4. Thermal effects are negligible. 5. The system is at instant thermodynamic equilibrium. The column void volume, V0, is defined as the total volume of the liquid phase in the column and can be measured independently.

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