Our iron-clad ships by Edward J. Reed

By Edward J. Reed

;Our iron-clad ships КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Название: Our iron-clad ships Автор: Edward J. Reed Издательство: London : J. Murray Год: 1869 Язык: EnglishСтраниц: 406 Формат: PDF Размер: 29 mb Theiron-clad send query is so constantly lower than dialogue within the public press, and is justly deemed of lots significance to the rustic, that the booklet of extra details respecting apparently to be in lots of methods fascinating. it's a query which can't be completely mentioned in well known language—which on my own I suggest to hire within the current work—for it embraces many profound clinical difficulties ; yet there's a huge mass of knowledge on the subject of it that is completely vulnerable of known exposition, and which there's no solid explanation for withholding from the studying public… Depositfiles TurbobitLetitbit zero

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Results of trials with short iron-clads frictional resistance of .. , More moderate proportions should be adopted armour are increased Great . as thickness Illustration taken from trials of Minotaur' and Warrior' Abstract of paper on subject of relations between forms and weight of material in iron-clads, read before Comparison between tions, but in most Concluding remarks ' * Royal Society and design based on Hercules equal to ' Hercules CHAPTEE 196 196 197 200 * ' otijer respects 189 190 194 195 and extent of long iron-clads ' 184 185 186 186 187 188 Minotaur's ' propor- 208 212 ' X.

Uniformit}'^ in our fleet would have been dearly purchased this great The at the expense of improvement. modifications which the structure of the hulls of our iron-clads has undergone constitute another cause of variety, which, if mere variety be objectionable, are open to censure, but which bear to my mind a very Chap. of Iron-Clads. Varieties I. different 21 This remark applies both to the aspect. materials of which the hulls have been composed and to the disposition and distribution of tliose materials.

Varieties of Iron-Clads. 13 ; Varieties 14 Chap. of Iron-Clads. I. The ^Caledonia's' engines developed about the same power on both the measured-mile and sea trials trial. but the speed obtained on the measured mile exceeded by more than a knot and a half that obtained at sea and as she a copper-bottomed vessel, this can be is The accounted for in part only by foulness of bottom. * Hector fell ' developed but two-thirds of her power, and short of her full speed by nearly 1\ knots. -P. -P. so that with ; she ought to have approached 11 knots on the squadron trial ; and the deficiency of a knot from this speed probably due, for the most part, to foulness.

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