Manual on Vapor Degreasing (Astm Manual Series) by George V. Dyroff

By George V. Dyroff

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2. Open liquid outlet and inner discharge valve of tank car. 3. Replace dome cover and bolt securely. 4. Apply compressed air not in excess of 20 psig (138 kPa) to the dome. When tank car is empty, the compressed air will 31 Manual on Vapor Degreasing 32 Manual on Vapor Degreasing blow out the piping, and the p r e s s u r e in the tank car will drop. The bottom outlet is then closed and the air supply connection removed. Vent carefully to relieve pressure. Open the dome and t u r n off inner discharge valve.

Reporting Leaks Each employee should be impressed with his responsibility to report promptly any suspected leaks or equipment failures. This responsibility should be stressed. All leaks and equipment failures should be promptly corrected. HAZARDS The primary hazards related most closely to vapor degreasing can be categorized as health, fire, and chemical reactivity hazards. Health Hazards The principal hazards to be avoided in safe handling and use of vapor degreasing solvents are excessive inhalation of vapor and excessive skin contact (Tables 8, 9, and 10).

15. Clean out the w a t e r separator, removing any sludge that may have accumulated on the bottom. 16. Clean and check controls, indicators, and regulators before reassembly. 17. Clean strainers, filters, sight glasses, porthole glasses, and so forth before reassembly. 18. With the cleaning operation completed, carefully reassemble the various components and make all joints and connections leak-proof. Most common pipe dopes will affect adequate seal at pipe fittings, b u t TeflonĀ® tape is preferred.

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