Information Technology Research for Crisis Management by Committee on Computing and Communications Research to Enable

By Committee on Computing and Communications Research to Enable Better Use of Information Technology in Government, Mathematics, and Applications Commission on Physical Sciences, National Research Council

Discusses how one can foster interplay between computing and communications researchers, federal managers, and execs in particular domain names that could bring about collaborative examine efforts. Softcover.

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Also, broadcast warnings are not well suited to disasters that have limited geographical impact. False alarms have the effect of decreasing the attention people give to warnings. New technologies like “call by location” and zoned alert broadcasts could help by providing more focused (and presumably more accurate) warnings, and more detailed advice on what actions to take. One approach identified as worthy of further investigation is what is known as a reverse 911 system, whereby the usual direction of interaction between citizens and emergency managers is reversed.

3XML is the eXtensible Markup Language being developed by the World Wide Web Consortium. 28 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH FOR CRISIS MANAGEMENT metadata is often expressed using a predefined vocabulary, represented as a list of categories or more structured forms such as taxonomies and ontologies. Many taxonomies already exist in government agencies, and many others are being created. Developing technology to support the development and merging of taxonomies, as well as the application of these taxonomies to information objects, is an important research challenge.

4 This goal is nontrivial and requires the development of capabilities that include the capture of information in real time, including data from information sys- 4These points originally arose in the Systems and Network “Infrastructure: Modeling and Simulation” breakout group (see Appendix A) but are included here because they relate closely to this discussion. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH OPPORTUNTIES 37 tems as well as video and audio; tools to create and manage metadata; ontologies and indexing capabilities to support access and retrieval; delivery mechanisms to share previously captured experiences, including near-real-time availability to permit use of prior knowledge during the course of a crisis; and capabilities for adding commentary to captured information and conducting after-the-fact analysis.

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