How to Be a Pirate by Cressida Cowell

By Cressida Cowell

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Now, now, my boy,' said Stoick, irritated, but trying to soothe his son, 'you can find some treasure NEXT time, I'm sure. ' shouted Hiccup. ' asked Stoick. ' shouted Hiccup, 'The Skullions!!! ' and he launched himself at the box lid, trying to shut it. "The boy's gone crazy,' said Baggybum the Beerbelly, easily preventing Hiccup from shutting it by holding it open with one massive forefinger. He gave an experimental sniff. Now the stench was so strong even the humans were noticing it. Fireworm had already thrown up in the heather.

But Stoick wasn't listening. He had stomped off to get ready. 'Oh, bother,' said Hiccup. 10. THE WORST DAY OF HICCUP'S LIFE SO FAR At dawn on the day of the Quest, Hiccup got dressed very reluctantly indeed. He buckled on the sword his father had given him, hoping that it wouldn't get in the way too much. He slung a spade in a sling across his back, where he normally might have carried a bowand-arrow. He was so nervous he couldn't eat his porridge. He finally managed to drag Toothless out of bed and set off towards Hooligan Harbour, where everybody was meeting.

Just think of when we get to the Isle of the Skullions and you sniff out the treasure and everybody will know that I am the true heir to the Hairy Hooligans... ' Snotlout leant forward, and with the edge of the plate he was holding, pushed Hiccup ve-ry gently backwards until he overbalanced into the mud. ' snorted Snotlout and Dogsbreath, and they sauntered off. It was very depressing. All in all, ever since Alvin arrived, Hiccup had been walking around with a sick feeling in his stomach and a prickle of fear crawling spiderishly down the back of his neck.

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