How to Be a Good Atheist by Nick Harding

By Nick Harding

For millennia clergymen and holy males have informed numerous conflicting stories approximately humanity's genesis and destiny, whereas additionally asserting an individual without religion is evil, immoral, and answerable for societal ills. For these uninterested in those contradictions, bored stiff with listening to approximately divine mysteries while there are not any, and offended by being advised they'll hell, atheism is a well-liked and logical solution. This e-book comprises all you must learn about what to pack to your trip at the enlightening highway to atheism, together with causes of the 5 forms of atheism and the distinction among an atheist and an agnostic—a time period invented via T. H. Huxley, well-known for his protection of Darwin—as good as how a deist differs from a theist. examine why Christians have been initially referred to as atheists; read about Lucretius and his fellow materialists; and revel alongside atheists who fortunately don't have anything to guard.

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The central idea of the book was that the gods of mythology had their origins in the activities of mortal kings and heroes who were then subsequently deified by the people over whom they had once had control, either dictatorial or benign. These ideas influenced Ennius, one of the early Roman poets. Lucretius Nature free at once and rid of her haughty lords is seen to do all things spontaneously of herself without the meddling of the gods… Lucretius, De Rerum Natura Lucretius (99–55 BC), one of the greatest Roman poets and • 50 • AT H E I S M – A B R I E F H I S TO RY philosophers, came to prominence at a time when the old religions were losing ground within the educated classes and a general sense of scepticism prevailed.

The bacterial flagella motor (a biological ‘engine’) has been another frequently used example of irreducible complexity but it has turned out to be entirely inappropriate to the argument. To the likes of Michael Behe, arch creationist and author of Intelligent Design literature such as Darwin’s Black Box, this is evidence of a creator but all biologists worth their salt have long ago burst this delusional balloon. If this is the best evidence they can put forward, then Behe and his fellow creationists have been hoisted by their own petards.

The law, indeed, was an ass. The founder of ‘Objectivism’, the atheist Ayn Rand (1905–1982), real name Alice Rosenbaum, was a Russian émigré who despised communism. She became an American citizen and, for a time, was a screenwriter in Hollywood.

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