Geometry and Topology by James C. Alexander, John L. Harer

By James C. Alexander, John L. Harer

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Contains complete bookmarked desk of contents and numbered pages. this can be an development of a duplicate on hand throughout the Library Genesis undertaking. the actual Stillwell translation is dated July 31, 2009.

John Stillwell was once the recipient of the Chauvenet Prize for Mathematical Exposition in 2005. The papers during this ebook chronicle Henri Poincaré's trip in algebraic topology among 1892 and 1904, from his discovery of the basic team to his formula of the Poincaré conjecture. For the 1st time in English translation, you can stick to each step (and occasional stumble) alongside the best way, with assistance from translator John Stillwell's creation and editorial reviews. Now that the Poincaré conjecture has ultimately been proved, through Grigory Perelman, it sort of feels well timed to assemble the papers that shape the heritage to this well-known conjecture. Poincaré's papers are in truth the 1st draft of algebraic topology, introducing its major subject material (manifolds) and simple suggestions (homotopy and homology). All mathematicians drawn to topology and its historical past will take pleasure in this ebook. This quantity is one in every of an off-the-cuff series of works in the background of arithmetic sequence. Volumes during this subset, "Sources", are classical mathematical works that served as cornerstones for contemporary mathematical suggestion.

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Jetzt in der achten Auflage, behandelt dieses bewährte Lehrbuch die Aspekte der mengentheoretischen Topologie, die jeder Mathematikstudent in mittleren Semestern kennen sollte. "Das erklärte Ziel des Autors conflict es, von der mengentheoretischen Topologie in leicht faßlicher und anregender shape 'gerade so viel zu bringen, wie ein Mathematikstudent beherrschen sollte.

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PROPOSITION. Let X be a simply connected CW-space. Then (A) and (B) hold, (A) The Hurewicz homomorphism hnX is split injectivefor all n if and only if X has the homotopy type of a product of Eilenberg-MacLane spaces. (B) Moreover hnX is split surjective for all n if and only if X has the homotopy type of a one point union of Moore spaces. Properties (A) and (B) form a further nice example of if 7r-duality. 17). Then the collection {/n} defines a map PROOF. be a map with f:X-^l[K{7rnX,n) which is a homotopy equivalence by the Whitehead theorem.

4) up to homotopy equivalence. For this compare Kan [57] who proved that GX —• AX induces the Hurewicz homomorphism. C. 5) TT^X^) where the homomorphism is induced by the inclusion X^~^ C X^. 7. ^J. 5). 6. PROPOSITION. Let X be a simply connected CW-complex. Then there are natural isomorphisms (a) FnX = iTnrX. (h)rn{AX) = 7rn{Arx), (C) HnX = TTnSPoc^X, {d)Hn{A,X) = irn{A,SPooX), The isomorphisms which we shall use as identifications are compatible with A — fi exact sequences above. Here (a) and (c) are due to Kan [57] and Dold and Thorn [30], respectively.

We associate with an A^-system S the exact T-sequence H3 - ^ G{ri) -> 7r2 -> if2 - ^ Ho^Z/l ^ TTI ^ if 1 -^ 0. (12) Here H\ = cok{rj) is the cokernel of rj and the extension 00^(63) >-> 7r2 ->• ker{b2) is obtained by the element /3, that is, the group n2 is given by the extension element /Jf € Ext{ker{b2),cok{b7)) defined by p^ = A'\un0). Here j : ker{b2) C /f2 is the inclusion. 11. CLASSinCATlON THEOREM. For n ^ 4 there exist detecting functors A',X' for which the following diagram offunctors commutes up to natural isomorphism spacesl^ • A^-Systems types^ • A^-systems Section 10 Homotopy types 51 Moreover for S = A'{X)^ X E spaces^y the F-sequence of S describes part of the r-sequence of X, that is HQ = HnX and H3- - ^ G{v) • ^H2 -^//o®Z/2- Hi -TTn i + l-X" ^^ Hn+lX In addition G(i4,77) = Tn+i (A, X).

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