Engineer's Mini-Notebook: Digital Logic Curcuits by Forrest M. Mims III

By Forrest M. Mims III

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The specialized treatises which appeared in the 15th century, both in what they say and in what they leave unsaid, would seem to share this view on the question of the villa. Firstly – to examine the treatise writing of the 15th century in relation to the influence that codified models exerted on contemporary building – we find, on the one hand, a notable gap between theory and practical application and, on the other, an uncertain definition, even on a theoretical level, of the type of new villa construction.

C. L. Frommel, La villa Madama e la tipologia della villa romana nel Rinascimento, in “BCISA”, Venice 1969, XI (1969), p. 47; and L. , p. 12. 2 Some restrictive interpretations (see, among others, L. Douglas, Il problema della villa e le plantations americane, in “BCISA”, XII (1970), p. 231) make a distinction between one type of extra-urban construction, defined as the true villa, and other types of country houses. This criterion is based on a philological study of the word “villa” in classical times, recorded and codified by Vitruvius, for whom the villa was a profit-making agricultural property worked by slaves.

The centralized plan became the standard plan for the votive church being built all over Italy. Giuliano da Sangallo, the architect of the Medici villa in Poggio a Caiano, designed the perfect example of a church based on a Greek cross in Santa Maria delle Carceri in Prato. In the sacristy of San Lorenzo (a Medici funerary chapel) Brunelleschi adopted a square plan covered by a dome, producing a variant of this in the Pazzi Chapel in Santa Croce. His design for Santa Maria degli Angeli (unfortunately never finished) was a rotunda with chapels radiating from it.

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