Demons of the Dancing Gods by Jack L. Chalker, Eric G. Dove

By Jack L. Chalker, Eric G. Dove

In Husaquahr, in the back of the cloak of seeming peace, evil used to be stirring back because the darkish Baron plotted with a Demon Prince to lead to Armageddon. grasp Sorcerer Throckmorton P. Ruddygore might in simple terms belief one guy with the undertaking of spying upon the evil villians: Joe. the single challenge was once, Joe had simply been bitten by way of a weredog . . .

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Whatever Page 8 Chalker, Jack L - Demons of the Dancing Gods he did, he had a right to do. " Huspeth smiled and nodded. "Thou hast learned much, my daughter, and thy wisdom becomes thee. I do not much like him, as thou knowest, for he trafficks in demons, yet his heart is good even if his soul be impure. He had very good reasons for bringing thee and thy companion to this world, and his skill at the art placed you both in the place where you were most needed. It may seem cruel to send thee to a celibate order and then make thee a changeling, but I divine strong purpose in it.

He feared no man and no physical threat; only against sorcery was he powerless and, even in that department, he'd used his brains and quick reflexes to dodge most of it. That had been the plan, anyway, since the start of all this. He would be the brawn and Marge would deal with the magic, aided by this Huspeth she always talked about and by Ruddygore, of course. They made a near-perfect team. But since the Dark Baron's defeat, there had been little to do. Poquah appeared—he had the habit of doing that, without any sound or sign until he spoke up—and said, "The Master says to come down.

Much to Joe's disgust, the journey was without incident and through rolling farm country. They decided to skip the long and treacherous trollbridge near Terdiera and made their way along the Rossignol and its good trading road to the much larger town of Machang, which, being at a particularly sharp and inward angle of the river, was a convergence of many roads and trade routes and had a bridge there built and run by the government. 20 DEMONS OF THE DANCING GODS JACK L. CHALKER Page 15 Chalker, Jack L - Demons of the Dancing Gods 21 The Rossignol at this point was barely a hundred yards wide, but the channel was still more than ten feet deep, hardly fordable.

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