Dangerous dinosaurs by Carey Scott

By Carey Scott

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N Among the first dinosaur fossils to be studied were those of the planteater Iguanodon. n All the bird-hipped, or ornithischian, dinosaurs were plant-eaters. Hypsilophodon n In the Cretaceous Period, sauropods declined in North America, but flourished in southern continents. 39 Methods of defense How did plant-eaters fight back? Did body armor really help? Were frills defensive? How did dinosaurs escape danger? 42 44 46 48 How did plant-eaters fight back? Pointed scutes (bony plates) ran in rows To defend themselves against predators, the different plant-eating dinosaurs developed an impressive armory of weapons.

Heron Body shape similar to a modern bird Long legs for fast running Three-toed clawed feet bird species in the world today, but other species existed according to fossil records. Most of these died out naturally, but more recently, birds have become extinct because of human activities. In the 17th century, the flightless dodo was one of the first birds to die out because of hunting and the introduction of other predators, such as pigs. Loss of habitat is another main reason that birds become extinct.

Kentrosaurus would have used these spikes to fend off theropods, such as Allosaurus. Toothless beak Blunt nails Sturdy legs Therizinosaurus Q Which dinosaur had a thumb spike? A Iguanodon was a large herbivore without spines, plates, or claws. Its only defensive weapon was a single long spike on each thumb. Paleontologists believe this dinosaur may have jabbed at attacking theropods with the spike. Iguanodon had unusually flexible hands and was able to grasp food in its fingers. More Facts n Diplodocus may have flicked its long tail like a whip, causing serious damage to attackers.

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