Corvus: A Life with Birds by Esther Woolfson

By Esther Woolfson

Ever considering that her daughter rescued a fledgling rook years in the past, Esther Woolfson has been occupied with corvids, the chicken team that incorporates crows, rooks, magpies, and ravens. this day, the rook, named fowl, is a member of the Woolfson relatives, besides a conversing magpie named Spike, a toddler crow named Ziki, a starling, a parrot, and others. From their complex bathing rituals to their springtime broodiness and tendency to cache nutrients within the very unlikely locations, those corvids percentage a bond with people that one may well by no means have imagined sooner than analyzing this book.
Letting her adventure communicate for itself, Woolfson likens the fears and foibles of corvids to these of people, taking into consideration the technological know-how of chicken intelligence, evolution, music, and flight. She highlights their mammoth personalities and capability for affection: chook hates pcs and machines, whereas she loves night neck scratches on Woolfson’s knee. it's via this intimate lens that Woolfson invitations us to re-evaluate the type of creature in a position to being man’s ally.

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