Conflict and Control: Law and Order in Nineteenth-Century by John A. Davis

By John A. Davis

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The fullest tribute to the effectiveness of the French administrative reforms came at the Restoration when the legitimist rulers made no serious attempt to undo the work of administrative centralisation. Even in Piedmont, where the Restoration took its most extreme form, the financial administration established during the period of French rule was retained, and when the Piedmontese rulers belatedly accepted the inescapable necessity of administrative reform in the 1830s, it was once more to the French model that they returned.

Royal agents were sent out to the 44 CONFLlCf AND CONTROL provinces in the 1780s and 1790s to encourage the communities to bring suits against neighbouring feudatories for usurpations of common land and non-payment of dues owed to the communities and the Crown. Such actions necessarily heightened the communities' awareness of both their collective identities and collective rights, even when these had formerly been weak or forgotten, and led to the revival of institutions such as the village assemblies or parlamenti that had fallen into disuse.

Of these maize was the most important, but where maize came to provide the staple diet of the rural poor it brought with it the terrible disease of pellagra that spread throughout much of the eastern Po Valley region at the end of the 18th century as a stark witness to the further decline in the already precarious conditions of rural life. 28 Food shortages and declining standards of nutrition were not the only consequences of increasing market pressures. Commercial incentives and rising prices encouraged landowners to evade the obstacles created by collective use-rights and to adopt more intensive and systematic forms of farming.

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