Comparative Legal Studies: Traditions and Transitions by Pierre Legrand, Roderick Munday

By Pierre Legrand, Roderick Munday

Those fourteen essays current an authoritative evaluate of the present country of comparative criminal reviews. With backgrounds in legislation, political technology, sociology, historical past and anthropology, the participants learn comparative law's highbrow traditions; the strengths and failings of its methodologies; and, most significantly, destiny instructions the topic is probably going to take. This accomplished learn of the philosophical and methodological foundations of comparative legislation is a publication with rules and arguments each comparatist pupil is attracted to.

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For some thoughts about why he may be right, see James Gordley, ‘Tort Law in the Aristotelian Tradition’, in D. G. ), Philosophical Foundations of Tort Law (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1995), pp. 151–7. 38 james gordley In contrast, one advantage of a vague rule is that it allows us time to gather experience before any guidance is given. 29 That brings jurists a step closer to developing clearer rules for each type of case. Similarly, in the United States, courts initially gave relief for violations of ‘privacy’ without any clear idea what ‘privacy’ might mean.

23 Moreover, whatever the law-maker may say, judges may try to fill these gaps. Then, the advantage of certainty is lost. 24 Consequently, a law-maker might allow judges to decide particular cases as they arise. Here, again, he has two alternatives. He might list cases, as before, but allow the judges to add to the list. 25 They list a large number of presumptively unfair terms, but add a muddy general clause which allows a judge to find other terms invalid as well. That approach avoids gaps. It still has the disadvantage that the law-maker, considering some of these cases in the abstract, may find it harder to see the right result than a judge who considers them in the concrete.

225. Hustler Magazine v. Falwell, (1988) 485 US 46. Florida Star v. , (1989) 491 US 524. Summa, supra, note 3, I–II, q. 95, a. 2, ad. 3; q. 96, a. 1; q. 97, a. 1. the universalist heritage 41 it is important to see that sometimes the choice of which law to enact is not a matter of indifference even though the underlying principles are the same. Indeed, even when they are, the choice of which law to enact may be one which we rightly regard as shaping our values and culture. There are two reasons this may be so.

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