Chaosbound: The Eighth Book of the Runelords by David Farland

By David Farland

Borenson is decided on a quest to avoid wasting the devastated international from definite destruction. however the land has been altered perpetually: within the swap, Borenson has merged with a potent and enormous creature from the opposite international, Aaath Ulber, and he starts to be a distinct individual, a berserker warrior, in addition to having an immense new physique. millions have died, lands have sunk lower than the ocean and in other places risen from it. And the supernatural rulers of the worlds are a part of a common evil, but play a byzantine video game of darkish energy politics between themselves. And Aaath Ulber is now the main major pawn in that game.

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Borenson wrenched his thoughts away. He didn't want to consider the perils that his children faced. There were reavers in the underworld, monstrously large and powerful. Best not to think of that. Yet he found it hard lately to think of much else. His children should have landed in Rofehavan. If their ship had made good time, they might soon reach the Seals of Creation. A new day could be dawning. " She held up a huge one, flashed her winning smile. " he said. You're beautiful, he thought, as he stood back and watched.

Della began asking questions, the same questions that everyone else had. What happened? How could this happen? What shall we do? Rain had no answers. The flood could be explained easily enough by an earthquake. But the change to Sir Borenson? The strange tornadoes of light? Her mind revolted from wondering or worrying about it. Instead she watched the Borensons, her heart aching for them. She longed to go to Draken, put her arms around him and comfort him. But she dared not do it in front of his father and mother, particularly that father, now that he had changed into something .

The whole earth was roaring, and beyond the town a massive wave surged through Hacker River Valley. The squatters, Myrrima, and Borenson's children trudged up, their faces stark with shock and amazement; they stopped next to Borenson and peered at the rushing waters. The sea came far more swiftly than Borenson would have imagined. This was not some puny wave making its way along a sandy beach. It roared—a sound that shook the world in a continuous boom as if all the thunder that had ever been suddenly voiced itself at once.

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