Carousel Animals Coloring Book by Christy Shaffer, Coloring Books, Horses

By Christy Shaffer, Coloring Books, Horses

Among the main captivating American well known arts of the early 20th century was once the carving of fanciful, complicated animals to grace the carousels that abounded in leisure parks around the state. This meticulously rendered coloring ebook celebrates the ornate good looks and personality of the carousel carver's art.
Colorists and carousel fanatics of every age will have fun with Christy Shaffer's 30 finely drawn, ready-to-color illustrations, all in accordance with actual vintage carvings. every one is observed through a caption detailing attention-grabbing evidence in regards to the animals.
Whether you're a child dazzled through the magic of those carousel creatures, a nostalgia fanatic, or a lifelong merry-go-round fan, this coloring e-book will deal with you to a scrumptious flavor of the earlier as you colour and produce those captivating animals to life.

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