Capacitor Discharge Engineering by Frank B. A. Früngel

By Frank B. A. Früngel

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Inductance values (L«) of the external inductor of Fig. A8a-1 are the units of the right-hand abscissa. The origin corresponds to the minimum-inductance position of the variable inductor, and Ls values, plotted to the left of the origin, represent inductance contributed by the capacitor and its terminals. inductor—to an intercept with the abscissa (A" ^ = 0). There will be the value of the series inductance, L^, behind the shorting device's minimum inductance position. The curve of Fig. A8a-3 shows a resultant value of of 10 nH, which is typical for an extended-foil capacitor.

The entire current path of the capacitor has been designed not only to withstand the high amperage but also to withstand the mechanical shock of discharge. The capacitor has been geometrically designed for magnetic field cancellation which affords an extremely low inductance capacitor (see Table A6-1, Fig. A6-1). The cases are rectangular cans fashioned of heavy gauge steel which is heliarc welded to ensure maximum strength and durability, and they are finished in a high-quality gray enamel paint.

They may be overrated up to 25% in terms of repetition rate or given voltage. Forced air cooling is required. For special applications, higher velocity air may be used for increased ratings. Fins may also be used to increase cooling efficiency and, if necessary, water-cooled units may be supplied to meet pulse requirements. b. Low Repetition Rate Capacitors For low repetition rates, such capacitors are constructed of paper and mineral oil with extended foil construction; for high repetition rates.

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