Candid Creatures by Roland Kays

By Roland Kays

In Candid Creatures, the 1st significant e-book to bare the key lives of animals via motion-sensitive video game cameras, biologist Roland Kays has assembled over six hundred notable pictures. Drawing from records of thousands of colour and night-vision photos accrued by way of enormous quantities of researchers, Kays has chosen photos that exhibit the original views of flora and fauna from during the international. utilizing those images, he tells the tales of clinical discoveries that digicam traps have enabled, reminiscent of case in point of species proposal to were extinct and information of predator-prey interactions.

Each snapshot captures a second frozen within the camera’s flash as animals go through their wild habitats. Kays additionally discusses how scientists use digicam traps to handle conservation concerns, developing ideas that permit people and wild animals to coexist. greater than only a number of awesome animal photos, the book’s textual content, maps, and illustrations interact to explain the newest findings within the fast-moving box of flora and fauna examine. Candid Creatures is a testomony to how the explosion of online game cameras around the globe has revolutionized the research of animal ecology. The strong blend of images and tales of discovery will fascinate a person attracted to technological know-how, nature, flora and fauna biology, or images.

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