C.S. Lewis and his circle : essays and memoirs from the by Lewis, Clive Staples; Lewis, Clive S.; White, Roger; Wolfe,

By Lewis, Clive Staples; Lewis, Clive S.; White, Roger; Wolfe, Brendan N.; Wolfe, Judith Elisabeth

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The description we have to give of thought as an evolutionary phenomenon always makes a tacit exception in favour of the thinking which we ourselves perform at that moment . . ’30 This formulation ‘knowledge determined only by the truth it knows’ is extremely obscure. How on earth is the truth that there is only one even prime number capable of determining and being the sole determinant of knowledge or can cause knowledge—because I suppose determinant means cause. If it doesn’t, then I’m unclear what it means.

23 In this passage, the weakest part is ‘insights into, knowings of, something other than themselves’. For this he has used in the same paragraph to characterize ‘acts of thinking’: ‘they are very special types of events’,—yes, they are events, ‘but they are a very special sort of events. They are “about” something other than themselves and can be true or false. 25 But his language suggests that acts of inference are always ‘insights’, ‘knowings’, and so they are not just a species of ‘acts of thinking’, as these ‘can be true or false’.

This book [in my hand] is just a printed book that I haven’t annotated, put any marks in, nor has anybody else. Every bit of it, every bit of the printed text, is determined. There aren’t any bits of the text to be found in the book that aren’t determined by the printing process. But of course ‘it’s wholly determined’ might mean everything about it is determined by the machinery. And with that we’d be after all plunged into mystery and vagueness. Or, ‘it’s wholly determined’ C. S. Lewis’s Rewrite of Chapter III of Miracles 17 might mean its total and ultimate explanation is the motions of the machinery; there is no further or other causation involved.

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