Security+ Guide to Network Security Fundamentals, 4th ed. by Mark Ciampa

By Mark Ciampa

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Confidentiality ensures that only authorized parties can view the information. Providing confidentiality can involve several different tools, ranging from software to “scramble” the credit card number stored on the Web server to door locks to prevent access to those servers. 2. Integrity. Integrity ensures that the information is correct and no unauthorized person or malicious software has altered the data. 00 would violate the integrity of the information. 3. Availability. Information cannot be “locked up” so tight that no one can access it; otherwise, the information would not be useful.

Their goal is to break into that computer and take the information without drawing any attention to their actions. Spies generally possess excellent computer skills to attack and then cover their tracks. Insiders Another serious threat to an organization actually comes from an unlikely source—its employees, contractors and business partners—often called insiders. 23 In most instances, insider attacks are more costly than an attack from the outside. Who Are the Attackers? 15% 44% 28% 13% 21 HIGH—Advanced methods, extensive resources, elite skills MODERATE—Skilled methods with some customization or significant resources LOW—Basic methods used, no customization or additional resources required NONE—Conducted by an average computer user with no expertise or skill set Figure 1-5 Skills needed for creating attacks © Cengage Learning 2012 Examples of several recent high-profile insider attacks include the following: ● A California health care worker, disgruntled over an upcoming job termination, illegally gathered health records on celebrities and distributed them to the media.

2010, accessed Feb. html. iii. Santana, Juan, “European commission suspends CO2 credit trading due to cyberattack,” Panda Security Insight Blog, Jan. 25 2011, accessed Feb. com/en/. iv. “Case Study: Teraflop Troubles: The Power of Graphics Processing Units May Threaten the World’s Password Security System,” Georgia Tech Research Institute, accessed Feb. edu/casestudy/Teraflop-Troubles-Power-GraphicsProcessing-Units-GPUs-Password-Security-System. v. Popa, Bogdan, “2,244 Hacker Attacks Per Day,” Softpedia, Feb.

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