British National Formulary (BNF) 70: Joint Formulary by British National Formulary

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The British nationwide Formulary (BNF) offers updated, useful counsel on prescribing, dishing out, and administering medicinal drugs. This crucial reference displays present top perform in addition to felony instructions on the subject of the makes use of of medications.

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NSAIDs and corticosteroids. Hepatotoxic drugs Hepatotoxicity is either dose-related or unpredictable (idiosyncratic). Drugs that cause dose-related toxicity may do so at lower doses in the presence of hepatic impairment than in individuals with normal liver function, and some drugs that produce reactions of the idiosyncratic kind do so more frequently in patients with liver disease. These drugs should be avoided or used very carefully in patients with liver disease. Where care is needed when prescribing in hepatic impairment, this is indicated under the relevant drug in the BNF.

Prescribing in breast-feeding Breast-feeding is beneficial; the immunological and nutritional value of breast milk to the infant is greater than that of formula feeds. Although there is concern that drugs taken by the mother might affect the infant, there is very little information on this. In the absence of evidence of an effect, the potential for harm to the infant can be inferred from: . the amount of drug or active metabolite of the drug delivered to the infant (dependent on the pharmacokinetic characteristics of the drug in the mother); .

817 may also be at risk of osteonecrosis of the jaw. Periodontium Gingival overgrowth (gingival hyperplasia) is a side-effect of phenytoin p. 398 and sometimes of ciclosporin p. 717 or of nifedipine p. 154 (and some other calcium-channel blockers). Thrombocytopenia may be drug related and may cause bleeding at the gingival margins, which may be spontaneous or may follow mild trauma (such as toothbrushing). Salivary glands The most common effect that drugs have on the salivary glands is to reduce flow (xerostomia).

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