Bones of the Dragon (Dragonships of Vindras) by Margaret Weis

By Margaret Weis

Welcome to the area of Dragonships!Skylan Ivorson is a sea-raider of the Vindras and at last turns into the manager of Chiefs of all Vindras clans, an honor he actually feels he merits as person who has been blessed through Skoval, the god of conflict. yet occasionally a blessing is a curse in disguise.Skoval and the opposite historical gods are lower than siege from a brand new iteration of gods who're demanding them for the powers of construction… and the single technique to cease those brash interlopers lies in the mysterious and hidden 5 Bones of the Vektan Dragons.It may be as much as the Vindras humans, because the dragon-goddess’s champions, to adopt the search to recuperate all 5. The destiny of the outdated Gods and the Vindras rests on their recovery--for this isn't just a quest to save lots of the area. it's also a quest for redemption. full of heroes and heroines old and young and exotic event in a magic-forged global, this can be a sequence that totally illustrates the mastery of world-building and storytelling that has made Weis and Hickman into the bestselling delusion co-authors of all time.

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Other than these objects, and perhaps a few low stools, there was no furniture. People sat cross-legged on the earthen floor or on blankets. If there were windows, they were fitted with heavy wooden shutters, for the house had to be snug and tight to retain warmth in the winter. The interior tended to be smoky and gloomy as a result. Oil lamps and candles provided light. The Chief’s Hall was similar to a longhouse, except that it was far larger and open, not divided into rooms. The hall was the heartbeat of the clan.

Skylan’s stomach clenched. Triumph turned to wormwood in his mouth, making him physically sick. He would not jump to conclusions, however. “It cannot be,” he stated. “We left the ogres far behind. ” He slid down off the boar’s carcass and limped over to a point where the trees thinned and he could see Djvolk Bay. Garn and several of the warriors accompanied him. Standing on the ledge, they stared down in grim silence. Three ships, each with striped triple sails and split-hull design, rode at anchor on the glittering waters of the placid bay.

Skylan had heard tales of these enormous beasts. Wild pigs with huge tusks, they could weigh as much as five stout men. He had never seen one, for boars did not live around here. The boar had likely been driven from its accustomed hunting grounds in the mountains by the drought, but Skylan believed Torval had sent it in answer to his prayers. The gods might be angered at the Torgun, but Torval loved Skylan still. The boar had either heard or sniffed trouble, for it lifted its massive head, glaring about as though aware it was being outflanked.

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