Blood and Memory (The Quickening, Book 2) by Fiona McIntosh

By Fiona McIntosh

The destiny of countries hangs in precarious stability as a tender soldier urgently seeks solutions to a sinister blessing . . . basic Wyl Thirsk of Morgravia has obvious his ally slain, his sister tortured, and his mentor consigned to a definite loss of life -- all on the sadistic whim of his sovereign, King Celimus. Now Celimus hungrily eyes the neighboring realm, Briavel, and its green Queen Valentyna, pressuring her right into a doomed political marriage -- and thereby forcing Wyl's hand towards war of words and treason, for under he can store the lady he loves from her hideous destiny. yet future will ship Wyl faraway from the evil machinations of the despicable king. And as struggle threatens from the north, the place the hated King of the Barbarians plots opposed to the south, Wyl needs to locate the mysterious bestower of Myrren's reward in a bid to regulate the curse that has thrown his lifestyles into chaos . . . and is intricately and terrifyingly woven into the way forward for 3 geographical regions.

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It was real. Death was here. It was Krell's guiding hand, a gentle, well-timed touch, steering her down the short aisle, that rescued her. She fought the grief back down and was able once again to look at the poignant scene before her. Fynch looked so small, so vulnerable. She desperately wanted to hold him; cling to the living---not allow him to hate her so. Instead, as she silently drew up beside him, she risked taking his hand. She knew it was leaving herself open to his rebuke, for who could blame a youngster for not keeping his emotions in check?

But which border? I must know," she said, her words coming out in a rush. Liryk's eyes came back to rest sadly upon her own. " "Oh, of course, how remiss of me. " She gestured toward one of the comfortable armchairs. " He sat, taking every last moment he could before he had to share his tidings with the lovely young Queen. So much grief around her. He wished Krell had remained but knew once again the man had done the right thing and given them privacy. Valentyna joined him in the opposite chair.

One not prone to shrieking hysterics but someone who could control her own emotions and deal calmly with a situation? "I understand fully, your majesty. " He nodded. "Driven into his chest with expert precision. " "Dead before Koreldy even realized he'd been struck," he assured her, not quite believing it himself as he stood to bow before his sovereign. She nodded that he might depart and he did so gladly, flooded with relief that his ugly task was done. Chapter 2 Knave knew. The dog had woken him in the night with a howl so sorrowful it hurt Fynch to hear it.

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