Biology and Geology of Coral Reefs. Geology 2 by O.A. Jones (Eds.)

By O.A. Jones (Eds.)

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Geol. , Prof. Pap. 260-A, Foreword, i-vii. Ruhen, O. (1963). " Little, Brown, Boston, Massachusetts. Schott, G. (1935). " C. Boysen, Hamburg. Squires, D. F. (1962). Corals at the mouth of the Rewa River, Viti Levu, Fiji. Nature (London) 195, 361-362. Stanley, D. , and Swift, D. J. P. (1967). Bermuda's southern aeolianite reef tract. Science 157, 677-681. Stoddart, D. R. (1965). The shape of atolls. Mar. Geol. 3, 369-383. Stoddart, D. R. (1969). Ecology and morphology of Recent coral reefs. Biol.

Darwin himself (1842, pp. 119-148) went to much trouble in compiling his map of reef-type distribution to show areas of uplift, stability, and subsidence. , the oldest) are more remote from existing high islands and continental land, whereas atolls in the Carolines, Fiji Islands, and the East Indies are smaller and presumably younger (Cloud, 1957, 26 J. A. STEERS AND D. R. STODDART p. 1,012). , table reefs in the Tobi group (Tayama, 1952). Early speculations on the causes and geophysical implications of subsidence (Molengraaff, 1916) have now been superseded by a new understanding of the structure of the sea floor and of the formation, migration and disappearance of volcanoes on it (Menard, 1964, 1969; Wilson, 1963).

After 1928 the "home study of coral reefs" (Davis, 1914) ceased to be a useful exercise. In this chapter three main theories of reef development are reviewed: the Subsidence, Glacial Control, and Antecedent Platform Theories. The implications of each, the problems inherent in their original formulation, 2. Fringing Reefs, Barrier Reefs, and Atolls 23 and the ways in which they must be modified to take account of recent work are briefly discussed. Finally, the structural and morphological evidence that a unified theory must explain is considered, and an outline of this more comprehensive view is presented.

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