Basic Alarm Electronics. Toolbox Guides for Security by John Sanger

By John Sanger

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It generates information so you can make decisions. 44 BASIC ALARM ELECTRONICS T χ /Os \7 * 5- *· s ^ *fcjfc*c£ Ä4TT«y if c k \7res <*>> Λ/6 N ■'"Ti RertAce. &ν& *r k /o^h, Kv "° s KarcAce *w /re* r*$ enecK /Vfe c Yfc> S7~e>/* 3 Figure 3 - 1 1 . A flowchart for troubleshooting a flashlight's electronic circuit might look like this. Schematics, Other Diagrams, and More Symbols 45 Θ—■© Figure 3—12. Symbols depict events and activities in PERT charts. Using PERT The first step in using PERT is setting a goal.

The schematic symbol for a variable capacitor is shown in Figure 2 - 1 4 . DIODES A device that allows current to flow in one direction only is called a diode. The common schematic symbol for a diode is shown in Figure 2-15. Semiconductor diodes will break down at certain voltage levels. The specifications for a diode will list its peak inverse voltage (PIV) or peak reverse voltage (PRV)—the point at which it will break down. Figure 2-15. Diodes allow current to flow in only one direction. Electronic Components and Symbols 25 Figure 2-16.

Because LEDs are forward biased and light only when polarity is observed, they can be used as polarity checkers. Dual LEDs, two LEDs Figure 2—17. The two arrows by the symbol for a diode indicate that it is a light-emitting diode (LED). 26 BASIC ALARM ELECTRONICS AIR-CORE IRON-CORE TAPPED nr>rv>^ -^ηρ^- VARIABLE Figure 2-18. Different symbols represent different types of coils. in one package, also are available. A dual LED will glow one color when voltage is applied. Reversing polarity will cause the other color to glow.

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