Auschwitz: Crematorium I and the Alleged Homicidal Gassings by Carlo Mattogno

By Carlo Mattogno

Given the services of Carlo Mattogno - specifically concerning crematoriums - i've got seemed ahead to analyzing this e-book for a long time. while i purchased it in 2008 I easily flew via it and gave it to a chum. i attempt to get the Revisionist historical past out up to attainable simply because as a Historian, i'm continually on a look for the reality. This paintings is intensely well-researched, well-worded, and well-translated - when you usually are not conversant in medical Language or maybe the lengthy believed "History" in regards to the Holocaust. Given the hot info we now have, it is crucial to rewrite the entire earlier works which can't end up their very own theses... Professor Mattogno by no means has that challenge. --eZmoney

In 1968, the Jewish historian Olga Wormser-Migot, in her thesis "Le Système Concentrationnaire Nazi, 1933-1945," acknowledged that Auschwitz I (the major camp) was once "without any fuel chamber" (p. 157). She thereby affirmed that the tale of using morgue of Auschwitz crematorium I (located in Auschwitz I) as a gasoline chamber was once a delusion. Forty-five years after that little bit of honesty, Auschwitz crematorium I remains to be awarded as having a fuel chamber to hundreds of thousands of gullible viewers every day. students, even though, have in general refrained from the subject, and the ahead of the booklet of this ebook the main major examine of the alleged gassings in crematorium i used to be an insignificant ten web page article by way of Franciszek Piper. Mattogno takes at the subject along with his ordinary thoroughness. the start line of his examine is the air flow approach of the morgue, powerful air flow being a prerequisite for using a room as a homicidal fuel chamber; he renders a transparent photograph of the adjustments revamped time to the morgue's air flow. He subsequent takes at the a number of witness bills alleging that the room was once used as a homicidal gasoline chamber. thank you partially to the data acquired by way of his research of the chronology and nature of building at the morgue, he's in a position to rfile the various lies present in those witness tales. the ultimate bankruptcy exhibits that the induction holes supposedly used to introduce zyklon-B into the morgue by no means existed. Mattogno's finished wisdom and systematic strategy aid to explain the main points of the morgue's transformation into air raid safeguard, in addition to its postwar changes. he's capable of clarify the entire holes, sealed or unsealed, outfitted throughout the conflict or after it. His documented explication of the character of those holes leaves no room whatever for homicidal gassing --HolocaustHistory channel

This is a revisionist vintage that questions the Holocaust proof in a scholarly and educational and non-hateful and intensely loving method. but the writer, Germar Rudolf, is in prison in Germany for notion CRIMES for writing "Lectures at the Holocaust." might i like to recommend a publication that's from an identical writer and Amazon has in inventory and supersedes the contents of this book--I imagine ten occasions greater, and the simplest Holocaust e-book available in the market: DEBATING THE HOLOCAUST: a brand new examine each side by way of Thomas Dalton, Ph --Michael Santomauro

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In that period, only one such incident was recorded, which, however, did not involve the ovens. , p. 25. , p. 27. , p. 29. , p. 31. APMO, BW 11/1, p. 3. The little shed next to the crematorium and the chimney, which housed the motor of the forced draft system. ”151 The work was done on May, 14 and 15. 153 This, as we shall see, caused the old chimney to be knocked down and rebuilt, but all this lends no support whatsoever to the fairy-tale of the fire invented by our witness. Hence, the witness has lied not only about a gassing of the Slovakian transport, but also about a fire in the crematorium.

Stark used to be most interested in these things and has taken part in them. Our windows looked out on the crematorium, and so I could see that Stark went there and returned from there. Stark was also responsible for the boxes with the toxic gas Cyklon B. 125 The Zyklon B, because of its dangerous nature, was kept at the SS sickbay under the responsibility of the SS garrison physician, and it is absolute nonsense that whole boxes of this dangerous disinfestant would have been kept – even if only “temporarily” – in a corridor outside of the offices of the Political Department under the responsibility of Grabner.

137 They thus had learned their lesson at that time. The claim by the witness that the undressing of the corpses of the allegedly gassed victims was begun because of an order from Himmler is therefore ludicrous. 138 There is no proof that Himmler ever inspected the crematorium. ” The alleged disguise of the morgue into “wash-rooms with pipes and faucets” is in contradiction to Jankowski’s declaration, mentioned above, according to which there were “no false showers” in the alleged gas chamber. , p.

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