Audubon's Birds by John James Audubon

By John James Audubon

Audubon's bold undertaking to color the entire birds of North the US ended in a piece that represents one of many nice steps of ornithology. not just did he determine new species, he additionally depicted birds inside of their normal habitat and in brilliant poses. This remarkable assortment levels from the larger Flamingo and Bald Eagle to the Carolina parakeet. Audubon describes each species in concise texts, declaring the animals' peculiarities. In its handy layout this ebook is the proper reward for either technological know-how connoisseurs and artwork enthusiasts.

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Trachea simple, with four pairs of inferior laryngeal muscles. Boreal Chickadee Parus hudsonicus Plate 194 Tits 58 59 FAMILY X Parinæ. Tits Bill very short or of moderate length, straight, strong, compressed, rather sharp; both mandible with the dorsal line sloping and slightly convex, the sides convex, the edges sharp; notches obsolete. Nostrils basal, round, concealed by the feathers. Head rather large, round; neck short; body short, and rather full. Feet of moderate length, rather stout tarsus rather short, compressed, with eight, distinct scutella; toes large, the three anterior united as far as the second joint, the hind toe much stronger and flattened beneath; claws rather long, stout, arched, much compressed, acute.

Fork-tailed Flycatcher Tyrannus savana Plate 168 Flycatchers 44 45 Tongue flattened, sagittate, bristly at the tip, oesophagus wide, without crop; stomach elliptical, moderately muscular, with the lateral muscles distinct, the epithelium thin, dense, longitudinally rugous; intestine short. Trachea simple, inferior laryngeal muscles, forming on each side a large pad, but not divisible into several portions as in the singing birds. Nests regularly formed, cupshaped. Eggs from four to six. Say’s Phoebe Sayornis saya Plate 359 Flycatchers 46 47 FAMILY VIII Sylvicolinæ.

Hooded Warbler Wilsonia citrina Plate 9 Wood Warblers 52 53 FAMILY IX Certhianæ. Creepers Bill of moderate length or rather long, slender, slightly arched, much compressed, acute; upper mandible with its dorsal outline convex or arched, the ridge narrow, the notches slight or obsolete, lower mandible with the angle rather long and narrow, the dorsal line straight or slightly decurved, the edges inclinate, the tip acute. Head moderate, ovate; neck short. House Wren Trogrodytes aedon Plate 83 Creepers 54 55 Body slender.

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