Aquaculture Engineering by Odd-Ivar Lekang

By Odd-Ivar Lekang

All over the world, aquaculture has elevated at a standard of 9.2% for the earlier 30 years, in comparison with merely 2.8% annual bring up for terrestrial farming. creation from fish (and shellfish and algae) farms now includes 30% of the whole of the World's nutrition from our waters and this progress is anticipated to proceed till a minimum of 2025.Aquaculture engineering is a key sector for all aquatic construction amenities and this accomplished publication covers all features of aquaculture engineering with chapters protecting water delivery and teatment, construction devices (e.g. tanks and cages), feeding structures, fish shipping and grading, egg dealing with, instrumentation and tracking, slaughtering, cleansing and waste dealing with, development and layout, making plans and quality controls.

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The power consumption is the same when the water flow is reduced, which easily can be seen from the left shift on the characteristics curve. To throttle a centrifugal pump on the suction inlet must be avoided as this easily creates cavitation conditions in the pump. Several pumps If there are large water requirements and the discharge varies, it is an advantage to use several pumps of different sizes. In this way it is possible to couple pumps in and out and by doing this vary the total flow rate (parallel connection) and at the same time achieve an overall high efficiency for all the running pumps.

Laminar flow may occur in open channels with low water velocity. The Reynolds number –– Re is a non-dimensional number used to describe –– the flow conditions. If Re is less than 2000 the flow is laminar; when it is above 4000 the flow is turbu–– lent. Between these Re values the flow is unstable and both turbulent and laminar conditions may –– occur. Re can be calculated from the following equation: Re = Vd n where: 17 The temperature is 20°C. Calculate the Reynolds number. 1238 = 1 × 10 −6 = 185700 Re = This clearly illustrates that the water flow in the pipe is in the turbulent area.

McGraw-Hill. 9. M. (1998) Pumping station design. Butterworth-Heinemann. 10. ASM International (1988) Engineering plastics. In: Engineered materials handbook, vol 2. ASM International. 11. , Colt, J. (2002) Design and operating guide for aquaculture seawater systems. Elsevier Science. 12. B. (2002) Fundamentals of aquacultural engineering. Kluwer Academic Publishers. 3 Water Quality and Water Treatment: an Introduction investments costs involved in the running of rearing units it is of course vital that the production per unit of farming volume is as high as possible.

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