Applications of Research Reactors (IAEA TECDOC-1234)

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4. Irradiation facility The typical form of a silicon ingot is a cylinder with a diameter of 5–15 cm and a height up to 70 cm. The trend is to longer and larger diameter ingots. The irradiations may take place in a beam tube or other horizontal facility. Alternately, a vertical facility may be used. Although the flux in a horizontal beam port is usually not very thermal, it may still be used for an ingot irradiation. To achieve radial homogeneity in the doping, the ingot can be rotated. To achieve longitudinal homogeneity, shaped neutron shielding may be used along the long axis.

FIG. 7. Outline of neutron radiography process. 1. Flux/fluence required Low power level research reactors with a beam port are well suited for static neutron radiography. The thermal neutron beam intensity at the specimen position should be greater than 105 n cm–2 s–1 in order to avoid unacceptably long exposure times. The thermal fluence is dependent on the nature of the specimen. 2. Reactor facilities required Fast neutrons cause a loss of contrast in the film image due to specimen and shielding scattering.

Personnel requirements A large infrastructure with experts in many areas will be required for the development and operation of the facility and for the medical treatments. Co-operation and interaction is required between these experts during the design, installation and operation of the BNCT facility. 1. Reactor operating organization The reactor operating organization will usually need to provide the personnel for a feasibility study, the development of specifications, design, installation, testing and operation of the facility at the reactor.

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