Anurag Sagar by Kabir

By Kabir

The Anurag Sagar is the tale of construction of the actual universe and the better nation-states in response to the Indian saint Kabir. It provides an image which reaches a lot additional again than the Christian tale of construction or maybe the Indian Vedas, going again aeons of time, it is a photograph which has no longer been provided before.

Kabir (IAST: Kabīr) was once a 15th-century Indian mystic poet and saint. Kabir is understood for being severe of either Hinduism and Islam, pointing out that the previous have been faulty by means of the Vedas and the latter through the Quran, and wondering their meaningless rites of initiation reminiscent of the sacred thread and circumcision respectively. in the course of his lifetime, he was once threatened by means of either Hindus and Muslims for his perspectives.

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Niranjan said to Sahaj: "0, Sahaj, my brother-go and make this request to Sat Purush: I don't like this small place. Please give me a big kingdom. In my heart I have felt such love for Him! He should bless me with a big place. " 2. THE FALL OF KAL After listening to Dharam Rai, Sahaj went to Sat Purush And conveyed Dharam Rai's request to Him. HYMN After hearing the words of Sahaj, Sat Purush said this: "I am pleased with Dharam Rai; take this to your heart: I have given him the three worlds, now go and tell him to develop the Void plane.

Those who have the Light of the Satguru's Knowledge and are with Him, have the secret of the Path. The ways of escaping from lust, the robber COUPLET Enlighten your inner Self with the Lamp of Knowledge. Meditate on the Satguru Shabda and the thief of darkness will run away. Example of the anul bird With the grace of the Master the jiva is called "Sadhu," and, becoming the a n d bird, goes back to his eternal home. Dharam Das, understand these words: I a m telling you about the anul bird, W h o lives in the sky and is supported by the air day and night.

EGG The conception of the lower-universe as a gigantic cosmic egg is widespread. The terms And and Brahmand, used by the Masters of Sant Mat for these worlds, mean "egg" and "egg of Brahm" respectively. Compare also the poetry of Blake. SON KURMAOne of the incarnations of Vishnu, as is Varah. Kabir distinguishes carefully between the son, a lesser god who is only a reflection of his father, and the father, the highest and most basic of all created beings. When the potentiality of the lower creation was forced out of the original Kurma, it included a potential reflection of himself existing on a lower level.

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