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Reprint of a vintage, adpted from Bengali by way of Basanta Koomar Roy. old novel used greatly as textual content

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Asked Kalyani. The Mahatma pointed to a pitcher of water in a corner of the room. Pouring a little on the palm of her hand, Kalyani requested the Mahatma to sanctify it with his touch. When the Mahatma had blessed the water, she drank it and said: 'I have now drunk nectar, Master. ' 42 'Mother, please banish all fear from your mind. Stay strictly within these protected walls in safety. ' 6 I t was late and the moon shone high in the sky. It was not a full moon; so it was not bright. Light, however, had fallen on the vast meadow making a shadow of the darkness.

This is our Mother India as she was before the British conquest,' the Mahatma said. ' Bande Mataram,' Mahendra said with much feeling. 'Now follow me, Mahendra,' the Mahatma ordered and they entered a dark tunnel to emerge into another, even darker room. Only one ray of light entered it, so it was sad and gloomy. There Mahendra saw a map of India in rags and tatters. The gloom over this map was beyond description. 'This is what our Mother India is today,' the Mahatma said. ' Mahendra asked. 'Because the British keep India in subjection by the sword.

It had human form, but did not look like a human being. This frightful shadow of a man that stood at the door was dark and emaciated, and all but naked. In an instant the shadow lifted its hand, and with skeletons of long fingers signalled someone towards it. Kalyani was terror-stricken. Another shadow stood beside the first, then another and then yet another. In a few moments a crowd of countless shadows silently 35 entered the room. The dark room was as terrifying as a graveyard at night as these ghosts of human beings surrounded Kalyani and her child — the mother almost fainting — and carried them out of the house, across a meadow and into the jungle.

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