Analysis Within the Systems Development Life-Cycle. Book 3: by Rosemary Rock-Evans

By Rosemary Rock-Evans

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This implies that another activity will have put unpaid invoices into the data store of invoice, ready for the process payment activity to use. 14: An example data flow diagram 31 dependent. This point will be explained further when we have examined the symbols used on the diagram. 2 Activity A n activity is represented by a 'bubble' or circle. 3 Data flow/entity state A data flow is represented by a line and an arrow to represent direction. Where the state of the entity is important, it is written on the data flow line.

The same figure shows how this overall activity has been decomposed. 42b: Activity decomposition example Order amendment - activity decomposition diagram 57 • • • Progress chasing—monitoring the progress of purchase orders after they have been sent Shipping—arranging for the shipment of the delivered goods to site Invoice handling—the processing of invoices received from the supplier. Purchasing has itself been decomposed further into the following: • Order preprocessing—handling of requests from the branch office • Ordering—the creation and sending of purchase orders • Recording of vendor details • Order amendment—dealing with changes to the orders once they have been sent (including cancellation).

This is an altogether better solution, made possible by recognising 'state'. Its use will be explored in more detail later in the book. 8 Summary We have seen that there are seven main concepts or deliverables used in activity analysis, the last three of which are only applicable to more detailed analysis. These concepts can be summarised as follows: 1 A n activity (type) is a type of thing which the business does or wants to do. 2 A (type of) data flow is a set of related types of data which is input to or output from an activity.

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