Aeroflot: An Airline and Its Aircraft: An Illustrated by R. E. G. Davies

By R. E. G. Davies

Книга 1992 года рассказывает, начиная с возникновения, о самой большой на тот момент авиакомпании в мире, летавшей почти исключительно на самолетах отечественного производства.

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The ANT-25 crew that flew from Moscow to Cali(ornia in 1937 (left to right) Danilin, Gramov, and Yumarshov. 33 A Nationwide Airline Aeroflot Consolidates Gaining Stature While all the headlines were being captured by AViaarktika, with its brilliant support of the Papanin Expedition; by Chkalov's and Gromov's trans-Polar flights, and by Levanevskiy's tragic disappearance; Aeroflot was building an air network, not so much by adding more routes (to those shown on the map on page 27) but by introducing better aircraft and more frequencies on the trunk lines and by adding small feeder services and bush routes to connect with the main arteries.

By the end of 1945, services had been reinstated, or started anew, to most of the capitals of eastern and central Europe, and also to Teheran. At home, the trans-Siberian and other main arterial routes were revived, and the social work in the Arctic, which had continued even during the war, was maintained. R. had to make the best with what it had: the trusty Lisunov Li-2s and the ex-Lend-Lease Douglas C-47s. Baidukov Has Problems The Fourth Five-Year Plan had provided for ambitious Aeroflot expansion, with a target of 175,000km (lIO,OOOmi) of routes The Ilyushin 18, first flown on 30 July 1947, was a 60-seat fourengined airliner which never went into production.

The Lisunovs were the only aircraft in adequate supply in 1945 and 1946; but they were to be the basis for a secure Soviet foothold in what was later to become known as the Six-Pool group of eastern European airlines. This foothold was to prevail for the next half-century. JOINT VENTURE AIRLINES IN POST-WAR SOVIET SATELLITE COUNTRIES Country Airline Date Founded Date of First Service Initial Aircraft Fleet Date Terminated Poland LOT* 6 Mar 1945 Dec 1945 Li-2 Po-2 (still operating I Rejuvenated pre-war airline.

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