The a to Z Book of Birds. An ABC for Young Bird Lovers by Michael P. Earney

By Michael P. Earney

While taking a look at my grand-daughter's books along with her it happened to me that right here, at 3 years previous, she will determine pictures which undergo little resemblance to the particular creatures portrayed: whale, giraffe, ostrich, and so on. on the zoo she acknowledges the elephant, tiger, giraffe, and so forth. Why, I questioned, do kid's books have such simplified renderings of animals? She will not be in a position to learn the names, yet she is aware a giraffe is a giraffe. Her father is an avid birder and will slightly wait to take her birding, so why now not an alphabet e-book with practical photographs of birds? therefore, "The A to Z ebook of Birds: An ABC for younger chicken enthusiasts" - she is going to recognize her birds ahead of she is familiar with her alphabet. i am definite my grand-daughter isn't the basically three-year-old genius in the market. This publication is designed to be priceless from age 3 to way past studying the alphabet, whilst the textual content, informative and interesting, will proceed to coach and the work be a advisor to id within the box.

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All nest on or within a few feet of the ground. The catbird has learned to recognize the eggs of the parasitic cowbird and throws them out of its nest. The cowbird, like the cuckoo, lays its eggs in other birds’ nests. Cool Fact: “In the catbird seat” means being in a superior or advantageous position, perhaps because the catbird seeks the highest perch from which to sing and display. What other birds’ names start with M? N ightjars can be heard around dusk and into the night or early dawn. Chuck-wills-widow, Poor-will, Whip-poor-will, these names are an approximation of the call they make as is Pauraque, a native Mexican word that sounds like that bird’s call.

F lamingos are one of the oldest species of birds; they wade in the water with their bill submerged to eat, where it is parallel to the bottom of the lake or pool. Its distinctive downward bent bill identifies this bird. Moving its tongue rapidly back and forth filters water through the tooth-like ridges on the bill. This sieves out the crustaceans, mollusks, insects, tiny fish and vegetation upon which the flamingo lives. Flamingos are found in southern Europe, Africa, northwest India, southwest Asia and in the high Andes of Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina.

They can extend their long, sticky tongues into anthills for their favorite food. Sapsuckers tap trees for their sap and also eat the insects attracted to the oozing sap. Cool Fact: The Acorn Woodpecker stores acorns and other nuts in tight individual holes it makes in tree trunks. One large sycamore in California was found to have 20,000 acorns embedded in its trunk, left there by a woodpecker. What other birds’ names start with W? X ’d out, that has been the fate of many species. The Dodo and the Passenger Pigeon are probably the best known birds to have become extinct due to human hunting, but many others have disappeared through loss of habitat due to human population growth, deforestation, farming or other land use…at least this is true in North America which has the worst record of all the continents.

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