A grammar of epic Sanskrit by Thomas Oberlies

By Thomas Oberlies

The 2 nice epics of (old) India, the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, are written in a language, which differs from so-called classical Sanskrit in lots of info. either texts nonetheless are of a tremendous value in India and different international locations. due to this, a grammar describing all of the diverse features of epic Sanskrit has been overlooked previously. The Grammar of Epic Sanskrit will now shut this hole.

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Jhhiiffr iitmano[l iuhhiib [..... 1. go vaj [..... 1. vfntdhas [..... 3b (..... 7a (..... 13c (.... 3 . 1 1), apsariis ca Slll'arCasa[r, R 1,44. 1Sb (..... 2c (..... 32d (..... 20)�. Also the change of gender of particular words often served purely metri­ cal purposes: pra)'tltnalJl mahad iiSfhii)'tl, R 5,44. 1. mahiintalJl yaf110m iiSflltiya), (.. �as tarhii, 2,410· ,2. 3. II IS remarkable that even personal names - such as Jarttyus- could be changed. /PI. e a gender different from thai of common usage (see also {"'J p.

And i- I II- and ii-sternsl (... 3 . 3): (nom. 6, {Xitl'lO}'2&, JB I 140, 11 63. 2. mahlinlimna}'r1&. 18 m 1 19, revatayo&. 1. (ace. 1, (instr. ) hrinfihhyam. 2 - (6) confusion of nom. and acc. pI. of the f. (a) i- and (b) {-stems, of _ (c) the ii-stems and (d) of the stem up- (... 6, 2. 31): (a> acc. (oqara)pmiktaya&. KB XVl 8,14, (b) nom. tira'k-f�, AB IV 25,10', acc. patnya�, KB V 9,23, (c) acc. pI. taml(J&. 5. (d) ace. pl . lipa�. A8 VIll 1 7. 1. AA [J 4,1 (occurs also in RV) - (7) paradigmatic ievellingJ (...

We cannot tell, ofcourse, whether this was done hy the Epic poets or whether these 'Hyper-Sanskritisms' Just belonged 10 the current language or Indeed whether they look place In the course oftransmissioll. LU - Introduction - involved. 9) "'" *uccJmko- < icchll(ka)·'. 1. doj, 7,46. 1. d01) *dllhatj(a)- < *("·jhfY'· �. 27') .... 44) "V(llfo- < "'arta_7, miirj�a 'my dear' (see above ''''' ] , p. 37, R 1 7 3. 5. 43. 106. 10) ..... *mutto- < (·)mI7rfii-�, +-- +- � +­ . 29. �saddha- < v;,'lSauha- (x saddhii- (sraddhii-J) < \·;'smsta-LO• .....

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