A. A. Milne by Jill C. Wheeler

By Jill C. Wheeler

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Then place the larger can over the smaller one so that it can rotate around it. Cover the larger can with duct tape, but make sure the can still rotates. If the top can is much bigger than the bottom one, you can crumple tinfoil and stick it around the smaller can. This will allow the turret to turn around the bottom can but still fit snugly. USS Monitor, published in Harper’s Weekly, March 22, 1862. 38 On the Battlefield Let’s Get Started Make Your Own ironclad ship: The VIRGINIA What You’ll Need H milk carton (either 2 liter or Z\x gallon) H scissors H 1–3 cups unpopped popcorn, dried peas, or sand (for ballast) H H H H H stapler duct tape milk carton (1 quart) toilet paper tube aluminum foil taple here What to do 1.

Armies marched toward each other in picket—a guard or guard duty formation, then each set up two lines of fighters, the first line kneeling to shoot and the second line standing and shooting over the front line. But what soldiers discovered during the Civil War was that while the tactics remained the same, the weapons had changed. Weapons like the Gatling gun, which fired 250 rounds a minute from six barrels, repeating rifles, breech-loading cannons, and other weapons were not only more accurate, they shot farther and were much easier and faster to reload.

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