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Cloud Application Development

Like banks which provide you the storage facilities for your valuables, Cloud provides you the resources that are necessary for computing, storage and networking. While being shared, Cloud provides you service that is equivalent to an owned & dedicated resource.

Cloud saves your huge capital sums to be invested in acquisition of the said resources. Moreover, it provides you additional resources at ease, to cope with the ever-expanding size and ever-growing speed of your business.


Microsoft Azure

We use Microsoft Azure to deploy cloud applications. Azure provides flexibility in integrating with your system.

We configure your server to deploy the software, exactly matching with the environment of the product. For pursuing this, we use CruiseControle.NET; which is implemented by using the .NET framework.

As per the practices, we merge all the developer copies with a shared mainline. This is done to reduce the integration redundancies; thereby saving cost and time.

Team Outsourcing

We outsource our teams to clients to blends our technical expertise with your business knowledge. Such a mix lets you reach the market more rapidly; ahead of the competitors.

During this outsourcing tenure, we constantly update our clients with progress of completion. These completion updates assist the client in meeting the plans in time.

Technology Partnership

You do not need to worry about being technology-distant; we are there to support you at any time you desire. You can call us at the eleventh hour to join a meeting with YOUR customer, so that you present a technology-friendly image. We aim at getting your customer-centric products accomplished in the shortest span.

Product team setup

We setup the team for you that can support for 24 hours. In addition to deploying our own team; we recruit the staff for clients matching their requirements.