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Web Development

Creating an embossing web presence is a complex process. But, we have proved our skills in this field by creating websites of distinct purposes: NGOs, corporate and other commercial websites. Many of our websites match the current web-patterns such as; Responsive Web design.

In line with the agile methodology, we first deliver a quick, preliminary website that enables you to gather rapid initial feedback from users. Accordingly, the website is updated to address the feedback attained.


At first, we aim at discovering the requirements for your website. The needs, once established, then assist in setting the broader tone of the website.

Afterwards, the structure of the website is conceived. Such structure establishes sharp-edged relationships with the Stakeholders’ demands.


We place parallel significance for the artistic beauty of your website. Our designers work with immense delicacy to develop a website enriched with all the flavors, so that each class of visitor gets maximum satisfaction.

We design websites that suit various devices available in the market. So, a visit via mobile, tablet or laptop will not disturb the view of the user. The website will adjust itself as per the device being used.


As we move on with using latest expertise, we also understand the shift of the customer from previous technologies. Therefore, our team provides dedicated consultancy to switch from earlier technology to the new one.

We incorporate features in websites which facilitates user to manage the content of the website. You can add, edit text/images yourself without out assistance. This, in turn, reduces the dependency on us-making you more self-reliant.


A site is judged by its performance. Our engineers furnish the functionality of website at each front including: search engine view, time of page load, back-end database.

Once the website is established, we assure its performance by putting under severe tests. A/B tests let us identify the deficiencies to be removed, so that website contributes to your sales targets. Similarly, Stress test sends estimated requests to the server to monitor the real-time performance of the website.

At the end, we perform Google analytics on every website. This assists us in tracking the website’s success rate and performance.


We do not end extending our services to the client at website completion. Our 24 hours Support services continue even after that.