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Custom Software Development

We provide custom solution to our clients meeting the global standards, which lead the value of your business to new heights. Our team comprises of software engineers and UX designers, who understand the sensitivity of your problems, and come up with a simple solution to complex perplexities.

Mazen has worked hand in hand with mid-tier companies and corporate giants in the industries which include, energy, construction, financial institutions and Oil and gas. Our project-base includes software developed from scratch on Web-based platforms, ranging to mobile phone applications.

Research phase

Our software development initiates with Research phase. During this phase, we understand your business and its requirements. Your existing systems are tested in-depth, that enables to assess its design, test its operation and analyze its results. Solutions available in market, meeting your demands are also sought so that we come up with the trending product.

As the pathology of your system is accomplished, we come up with our observations and recommendations. Upcoming foreseeable challenges are also encountered at this stage, which enables us to seek a long-lasting solution.

Development and Delivery

We work on Agile methodology which facilitates you to update the ideas frequently. With the passion to make our clients least dependent, we feel free to share the source code with them on real-time basis. On completion of the project, source code is transferred to the client.

Performance and Technology

  • PHP
  • .NET
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Ruby


We realize that custom solutions need consistent overview. Therefore, we provide 24/7 support that knots us with clients for long term.


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