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Stock Scanner

For a USA based client, Mazen has developed a stock screening application for allowing traders to perform analysis and screening of stocks to come up with a right portfolio for investment.

With over 10,000 exchange traded stocks on the NASDAQ, NYSE and AMEX -choosing the right stocks to trade has never been easier. Stock Screener is a real time stock scanner which allows traders to set their own trading criteria and notifies you with real time alerts (sub 40 ms) when the trigger has been met. Whether it is a moving average cross, break-out, volume spike or a new 52-week high – Stock Screener delivers only the stocks that you want to trade. Furthermore, you can filter real time stock movement by news events like, rumors, upgrades, earnings, takeovers or FDA approvals.


Real Time Stock Scanning

Easy To Use! Check boxes & numeric Inputs; Choose from over 50 technical & momentum alerts; Create watch lists based on numerous filters price, volume, News, etc.


News Filtering and Alerts

Use News Categories i.e. Earnings, guidance, analyst, FDA, MNA, etc. to create watch lists or filter signals. Be alerted instantly when a news event starts to impact the price and volume of a stock.



Build everything from an individual signal, grey box, or complete black box system.


Auto Trading

Use any of built in signals or custom build your own to auto execute; Enter or Exit with one of the available multiple strategies i.e. trailing strategies based on price or 1-60 min bars.
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